Why Introverts Make The Best Travelers

Why Introverts Make The Best Travelers

Growing up as an introvert in the Philippines was, by no means, a walk in the park. Back then, the Filipino society had no clue about introversion, and was bought into unflattering introvert stereotypes. Every day, I had to face a bunch of judgmental childhood friends and relatives who often viewed me as a stuck-up, anti-social weirdo. Since we prefer to keep a low profile, many misguided souls believed that all introverts are shy and disinterested people who don’t know how to interact with others.

As a matter of fact, one of my neighbors once said that I will never have a flourishing career because I was an introvert. Likewise, a relative told me that I may never get married, if I continue to go with my introverted ways. A couple of decades later, I got married, and have been thriving in life with a freelancing gig.

Why Introverts Make The Best Travelers

As much as I hate to admit it, introverts just don’t get the respect that we deserve.  Not only are we, introverts, misunderstood in our country, but there’s a lack of representation in the local media as well. Let’s face it, we have an over-sharing and group-oriented culture that loves the bright lights and noise. For years, we’ve been lurking behind the scenes and often underrepresented by an extrovert-centric, always-loud, Kris Aquino-organized world.

But, guess what? Introverts are crawling slowly and quietly out of the pit that the Filipino society shoved us into.  Today, more and more introverts are coming out of their closets, thumping their chests, and making a mark in the world. From leaders to technological innovators, there are tons of introverts within the archipelago that have been successful in different fields.

As a bona fide travel junkie, I must say traveling is one of those fields where we can truly prosper. On the surface, traveling feels like an activity geared for the extroverted types. But in reality, introverts are better travelers than their outgoing counterparts since they know where they fit in and they are constantly aware of their environment.

Here are, to me, the reasons why introverts make great travelers.


Introverts are great readers

Why Introverts Make The Best Travelers

Just because introverts don’t say much, it doesn’t mean we’re totally clueless. While others are pretty busy chatting, we tend to observe things that most folks are oblivious to. Sometimes, we can even read everyone in our surroundings. Even though it seems we are always zoned out, introverts are actually analyzing as well as thinking of creative ideas, to make things easier on our end.

Personally, I think the ability to read someone is an essential skill in traveling, especially when you’re in a foreign land. After all, knowing how to read people will help you determine if the shop owner is giving you the best bargain or if the taxi cab driver is really taking a shortcut.


Introverts have an undying thirst for knowledge Why Introverts Make The Best Travelers

There’s more to traveling than the fabulous Instagram snaps and jaw-dropping sights. As far as I’m concerned, traveling is one of the best forms of education, helping me get a better view of the world from different perspectives. Yes, sun bathing on a powdery beach isn’t exactly intellectually stimulating, but a walk along a historic site or a trek to remote highland is something that we crave.

Since we see the world in a different light, we get to test the limits of our bodies and mind by taking in the cultures, personalities and language of the folks surrounding us. We study the links between people and land, as well as pull lessons from our past trips to understand further the experience and the world.


We can keep our cool in the middle of a storm

Why Introverts Make The Best Travelers

From our airport’s typical flight delays to wrong turns, there are a lot of inevitable and unforeseen obstacles as well as hiccups along the way, in every adventure. And though these challenges can irritate anyone, we are just happy to go with the flow, and find something positive in every negative situation. Remember, losing our cool is not in our innate nature. Every time we face a problem on the road, we just pull out a book or read of a magazine, while waiting.


We listen to our surroundings

Why Introverts Make The Best Travelers

Introverts are far better than extroverts, when it comes to listening. And with our incredibly ability to listen, we get to understand quickly the complexities of a place as well as seamlessly learn its culture. We don’t force ourselves onto the place we’re visiting, but we let ourselves blend into it gently.


We can do things on our own

Why Introverts Make The Best Travelers

Self-sufficiency is an important skill in traveling. When you travel, you’ll often find yourself on our own, without a familiar face to help you out in times of trouble. You have to trust your instincts and rely on your abilities to make sure that you stay safe and have everything you need for your trip. And with our self-sufficient nature, introverts can practically do a plethora of things in our trip, without the need to rely on someone else.


We can blend in easily

Why Introverts Make The Best Travelers

As an introvert, there’s nothing more I like to do than to blend in with crowd, whether it’s on an international city or a hike with my crew, Team Bang. Sticking out, being in the spotlight is a big no-no for me. As with most great travelers, I have mastered the art of vanishing into unfamiliar spots, immersing myself fully in the environment, and becoming one with the place I’m visiting.


We learn by watching

Why Introverts Make The Best Travelers

We, introverts, prefer to watch from the sidelines, checking out what’s going on and learning some stuff, without being the center of attention. We cherish the simple pleasures of travel, by watching and learning the culture of the place we’re visiting.


Introverts don’t mind being solo

Why Introverts Make The Best Travelers

Extroverts prefer to go in flocks. In other words, they will have a difficult time enjoying restaurant meals, treks, theater plays and museums, unless they have a few buddies with them to take about these travel experiences. I and other introverts, on the other hand, can have a blast catching a movie, visiting a gallery, and enjoying a soda, all by ourselves.

Moreover, we can come up with an array of ways to entertain ourselves in long-haul flights and 8-hour bus rides. Honestly, I can have a fun time for hours with just a book in hand or a bit of music, without noticing that there’s no one beside me.


We know that travel isn’t about us

Why Introverts Make The Best Travelers

Traveling, for introverts like me, is part of a bigger picture. The essence of traveling is not about the person, but the characters, experiences and settings as a whole. We feel safer and happier, knowing that we’re not in the lead role, while traveling, and are simply contented to play the extra’s role.


We immerse ourselves in every place we visit

Why Introverts Make The Best Travelers

We see dozens of tourists, nowadays, blitzing from one attraction to another, ticking off landmarks and places on their list of things to do. On the bright side, traveling like the scarlet speedster – The Flash – means you will have a myriad of giggles and fun experiences. But, on the flip side, it means that you are most likely going to miss out on the simpler and quieter pleasures of your trip.

We never like to rush things on the road. Plus, we don’t give a damn about lists, and we in general try to stay away from the touristy places. If we like a place so much, we stay there for a while, until we are one with it.


As you can see, there are some perks of being a wallflower. With that said, I’m urging my fellow introverts, to step outside your comfort zone, and be a great traveler that you’re meant to be!


Aldrich Infantado is a travel junkie and a writing aficionado who loves to share amazing travel tips to his fellow travelers.

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  • Midori

    I’ve never agreed too much on posts about introverts but your list pretty much sums up that we are amazing! Cheers to all the introverts. It’s quite a struggle to live in an environment flocked with extroverts but I just can’t care. INTROVERTS RULE!!!!

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