• Buscalan: A Village that Tattoos Souls

    Buscalan: A Village that Tattoos Souls

    Peter Pan was right. Growing up is a trap. I mean. Who wants to live in a world with an endless cycle of workload, bills, stress, taxes, and responsibilities? Who wants to be in a world full of rude people? And why can’t we live a peaceful and simple life like the Butbut Tribe in Buscalan, Kalinga? Here’s the thing.  We are a generation of constantly dissatisfied, overstressed, and overworked people.  Despite our drive, can-do attitude, and modern technology, we are overwhelmed, anxious, and exhausted. We live in an era where people kill themselves with productivity.  We spend hours in long commutes and drives to work.  And we work feverishly…

  • Mount Amuyao: The Infinite Stairway To Heaven

    Mount Amuyao: The Infinite Stairway To Heaven

    Why the hell do I do it? Why scale a mountain that promises agony and infinite gut-wrenching possibilities? And why lace up my hiking shoes, carry a hefty backpack, and drag myself up a behemoth like Mount Amuyao?  Here’s the deal: Every ruthless, giant mountain I’ve faced serves a buffet of above-average pain and uneasy moments.  I’ve dealt with twisted ankles, aching knees, cuts, bruises, cramps, dehydration, and blisters that look like props from a horror movie.  Yet, I push on and invite all the agony.  Why keep pushing through the grimacing and wincing?  Am I a masochist? Why do hikers like me willingly sign up for a world of…

  • A Not-So-Ordinary Bohol Itinerary

    A Not-So-Ordinary Bohol Itinerary

    What’s usually the first thing that pops into mind when you think of a Bohol itinerary? Let me guess. Bohol Chocolate Hills, Loboc River and Sagbayan Peak? How about a Bohol Countryside tour? As enticing and fun as these places are, they weren’t included in our list of places to visit in Bohol. Don’t get me wrong. These Bohol tourist spots are captivating and a feast for the eyes.  But I’ve seen these wonders a thousand times in my life.  And more importantly, I wanted to add a dash of uncertainty to our not-so-well-planned weekend Bohol trip.  So, why take risks?  Why go renegade when there’s a safe, tested, and…

  • The Midnight Library Review: Lessons From Matt Haig's Novel

    The Midnight Library Review: Lessons From Matt Haig’s Novel

    Life is full of what-ifs. What if you could live those lives that you wanted? What if I was a rockstar, a vineyard owner, or a glaciologist? Would I be happier now? What if I pursued a different path or a career? Would my life be better? What if I could travel to multiple realities and live my dreams? That’s what Nora Seed – the protagonist of The Midnight Library – experienced in this magical and inspiring novel.  The Midnight Library isn’t just an enchanting tale.  Despite the novel’s fantastical plot and sci-fi elements, The Midnight Library is relatable.  It’s an eye-opening novel that shines a light on some of…