• The Ruins Bacolod: Exploring The Taj Mahal Of The Philippines

    The Ruins Bacolod: Exploring The Taj Mahal Of The Philippines

    What if falling in love is the worst decision you can make? What if love is the biggest scam of all? We’ve always been taught that love makes the world go round. They say it’s a powerful emotion that can move mountains and build timeless, iconic landmarks, such as The Ruins of Bacolod and The Taj Mahal.  But I always believed love is overrated.  I always thought love was too glorified, and pursuing it often brought more pain than joy. Why do we always chase love like a drug, knowing it might destroy us? What if we’re all just chasing a fantasy when it comes to love? Then, something changed…

  • Garin Farm In Iloilo: What's Life After Death?

    Garin Farm In Iloilo: What’s Life After Death?

    Here’s a fact you should always keep in mind: we’re all going to die. Whether you’re rich, poor, young, or old, it’s an inevitable reality. While everyone knows their time will come, nobody is willing to accept it. As I explored the whimsical and enchanting grounds of Garin Farm in Iloilo, I couldn’t help but wonder why we’re not embracing this fact.  Is it a hard pill to swallow? Is it too early to think about it? Or are we just afraid of the unknown: the afterlife? The truth is, no one knows exactly what happens after death.  Some say we’ll go to another dimension and hang out with the…

  • Mount Kalatungan: An Unforgettable Journey To The Chief Mountain

    Mount Kalatungan: An Unforgettable Journey To The Chief Mountain

    I was only 7 years old when I found out that I could fly. But it was also the time when I realized there were monsters and ghosts renting space inside my head. For years, I’ve battled and listened to these voices that whisper my deepest secrets, dreams, and fears. And I would often silence their echoes and bravely just continue on my journey. Somehow, I could hear these voices getting louder as I waited patiently alone in a forest in Mount Kalatungan. I just conquered Mount Kalatungan and completed my mission to hike the five highest mountains in the Philippines. I should have been in a positive mood. And…

  • Mount Kulago

    Mount Kulago: Where Dreams And Reality Merge

    Where do dreams go when we wake up? Are they saved in a storage drive, waiting patiently for us to open and live them? Do some of them go to a trash bin where they will be permanently erased from our memory? These are the weird questions I asked myself while admiring the heavenly views from Mount Kulago. When we arrived at the viewing area of Mount Kulago, I really thought I was in a dream.  Even though it was still a little dark, I felt transported into an enchanting fairytale scene. As dawn approached, I saw its silhouette outlined against the lightening sky.  And it was surreal, breathtaking, and…