• Mount Kulago

    Mount Kulago: Where Dreams And Reality Merge

    Where do dreams go when we wake up? Are they saved in a storage drive, waiting patiently for us to open and live them? Do some of them go to a trash bin where they will be permanently erased from our memory? These are the weird questions I asked myself while admiring the heavenly views from Mount Kulago. When we arrived at the viewing area of Mount Kulago, I really thought I was in a dream.  Even though it was still a little dark, I felt transported into an enchanting fairytale scene. As dawn approached, I saw its silhouette outlined against the lightening sky.  And it was surreal, breathtaking, and…

  • Mount Matutum And The Pathway To Happiness

    Mount Matutum And The Pathway To Happiness

    The first time I laid eyes on Mount Matutum, I was utterly mesmerized. With its flawless, symmetrical conical shape, it was a sight to behold, even from a distance. As I hit the slopes of Mount Apo, I hoped that one day I’d have the opportunity to climb this majestic, towering landmark in the Philippines. While my immediate focus was on Mount Apo, my thoughts drifted to the thrilling adventures that Mt Matutum might hold. But back then, scaling Mount Matutum seemed like a distant fantasy, almost a pipe dream.  Burdened and overwhelmed by life’s challenges, I never imagined going on a series of heart-racing mountain adventures in Mindanao. Then,…

  • Mount Kitanglad In One Day: That Thing Called Adventure

    Mount Kitanglad In One Day: That Thing Called Adventure

    Can you hike Mount Kitanglad in one day? That question kept playing in my mind like a catchy tune, days before I faced this behemoth in Bukidnon. With an elevation of 2,899 meters above sea level, the 4th highest mountain in the Philippines is not an easy day hike. Sure, there have been many brave souls and strong hikers who climbed Mount Kitanglad in just one day. And truthfully, the trail isn’t as technically challenging as some of the tallest mountains in the Philippines. But can I do it? Can a restless insomniac and a not-so-young man with a lot of emotional baggage, injuries, and limited preparation, climb this mountain…

  • Mount Dulang-Dulang

    Mount Dulang-Dulang: A Climb To The Enchanting Mountain

    My heart was racing. Anxious and nervous, beads of sweat formed on my forehead, and my mouth turned dry. Shit! Will I make it? Will I make it back home in time? I was in a race against time, and I was losing. These thoughts hammered into my head as we were heading to Davao City after our Mount Dulang-Dulang climb. The unforgiving slopes, slippery moss, and rocky steps of Mount Dulang-Dulang were behind me. But the race against time continued, and a new challenge was waiting.  As we navigated through the night, we were enveloped in a thick fog that reduced visibility to nearly zero. We had to slow…