• Mount Amuyao: The Infinite Stairway To Heaven

    Mount Amuyao: The Infinite Stairway To Heaven

    Why the hell do I do it? Why scale a mountain that promises agony and infinite gut-wrenching possibilities? And why lace up my hiking shoes, carry a hefty backpack, and drag myself up a behemoth like Mount Amuyao?  Here’s the deal: Every ruthless, giant mountain I’ve faced serves a buffet of above-average pain and uneasy moments.  I’ve dealt with twisted ankles, aching knees, cuts, bruises, cramps, dehydration, and blisters that look like props from a horror movie.  Yet, I push on and invite all the agony.  Why keep pushing through the grimacing and wincing?  Am I a masochist? Why do hikers like me willingly sign up for a world of…

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    Binabaje Hills, Bohol: Soaking Up Alicia’s Strikingly Surreal Beauty

    In a fast-paced world where everyone’s rushing, patience has become a rare virtue. Whether it’s queuing up at a fast-food or searching for info on places like Binabaje Hills, we want everything to be available in the blink of an eye. When we turn on the laptop and the page is loading a bit longer than usual, we call the broadband provider and whine. And, if we want to spark a little excitement in our monotonous life, we look for a quick, unhealthy short-term fix, and develop messy behaviors, like excessive drinking, shopping and even taking drugs. But, the thing is, being patient, amid the hustle bustle city grind, comes…

  • Sunset In Mount Tagaytay: Relishing Life’s Simple Pleasures

    Sunset In Mount Tagaytay: Relishing Life’s Simple Pleasures

    In our never-ending quest for happiness, we tend to overlook and undervalue the simple moments, sights and things we feel every day. Let’s face it folks, it’s in our nature to seek out actively experiences that bring us bliss, such as buying a new smartphone, watching an extravagant concert or taking a trip to a tropical paradise abroad. But sometimes, it’s the simple pleasures in life, like the sunset on top of a mountain and fresh sea breeze that could lead to pure and unequivocal joy. Mostly, these simple sources of happiness are unassuming and experiences that we take for granted. But, if you pause for just a while, embrace…

  • Mount Magdook: The Art of Hiking Without A Plan In Naga, Cebu

    Mount Magdook: The Art of Hiking Without A Plan In Naga, Cebu

    On my first series of adventures with Team Bang, I planned everything carefully. Whether I was hiking with a 4-man team or going on an island-hopping trip with over a dozen of adventurers, I was on top of everything, making sure our trip goes smoothly. But, over the past 6 months, I’ve drastically changed the way I plan my escapades. Nowadays, I’m more of a spontaneous last-minute planner, who rarely travels with a definite itinerary, especially when exploring a hidden gem like Mount Magdook. When things go wrong or plans change, I simply roll with it, and make the most out of the situation. A few days ago, I once…