• Mayana Peak And Batogag Banog: An Intrepid Hiker’s Utopia

    Mayana Peak And Batogag Banog: An Intrepid Hiker’s Utopia

    Cebu, voted as one of the world’s best islands, is known, beloved and praised for a lot of things. From the northern tip’s pristine beaches to south side’s spectacularly azure waterfalls, Cebu overflows with picture-perfect sights and tantalizing wonders for leisure travelers. Not to mention, it boasts a wide array of mouthwatering goodies, like the crunchy lechon and danggit. But, when it comes to hiking, Cebu isn’t as well-known or celebrated as the other mountaineering destinations in the Philippines. Despite the emergence of newly uncovered mountains like Mayana Peak, Cebu’s mountains just don’t have the height and eminence of the likes of Mount Pulag, Alto Peak and Mount Apo. Even…

  • 15 Amazingly Exciting Things To Do In Toledo, Cebu

    17 Amazingly Exciting Things To Do In Toledo, Cebu

    My first visit to Toledo city is the embodiment of the saying “there’s beauty in the unknown”. A few years ago, nobody thought this city would turn into a booming adventure epicenter for travelers, nature lovers and thrill seekers. Heck, even locals and residents said that there aren’t interesting and worthwhile things to do in Toledo. Truthfully, Toledo didn’t even make it in my own Cebu travel wish list. Even so, I decided to dive into the unknown, and explore the place they aptly nicknamed as “Copper City with a heart of gold”.  And, guess what? After unleashing my inner explorer, I’ve discovered plenty of striking natural marvels as well…

  • Lapos Lapos Cave: An Enticing And Extraordinary Gem In Toledo, Cebu

    Lapos Lapos Cave: An Enticing And Extraordinary Gem In Toledo, Cebu

    For weekend warriors like us, a week without an outdoor escape can feel like an eternity. And with the universe not on my side for the past weeks, it did feel like forever since my last hike. Despite today’s mind-blowing innovations and technological discoveries, nothing still beats a good old-fashioned date with Mother Nature. The way I see it, adventure is totally ingrained in my DNA! Thankfully, though, my trusted hiking besties saved me from the clutches of boredom and monotony of daily life by introducing me to another hidden gem in Toledo, Cebu – Lapos Lapos Cave. While it was a short escape, it was nonetheless jam-packed with action,…

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    Mount Makatol: An Epic Hike Jam-Packed With Thrills And Sights

    They say “great things never came from comfort zones”. And, for the last couple of years, I’ve lived my life with this creed, venturing into remote villages, hidden taverns and offbeat trails like Mount Makatol. Armed with an undying love for adventure, I, together with a gang of outdoor aficionados, explore the world’s 6th best island – Cebu – to uncover local secrets and embrace the joys of adventure living. In spite of the bruises, scars and blisters, it has been quite a ride. And, while I’m not famous for my daredevil feats and risky thrills, exciting outdoor adventures have been by far my favorite pastime, in recent months. And,…