• 11 Fantastic Things To Do In Boljoon, Cebu

    11 Fantastic Things To Do In Boljoon, Cebu

    Boljoon is, without a doubt, one of my favorite towns in Cebu. Easygoing, peaceful and simply beautiful, Boljoon, Cebu has swept me into bliss on numerous occasions. Not only does it exude a bucolic old town charm, but it offers a smorgasbord of postcard-worthy sights and experiences as well. From photogenic mountains to 18th-century Spanish-colonial structures, there’s indeed no shortage of fantastic things to do in Boljoon, Cebu. And, while it’s often overshadowed by its extroverted neighbor, Oslob, it remains a local favorite, thanks to the laid-back feel and incredibly amazing attractions in Boljoon. Headed to this serene town, but don’t have a clue on what to do in Boljoon?…

  • Tabla Mountain View: How Exploring Unlocks Your Hiker’s Compass

    Tabla Mountain View: How Exploring Unlocks Your Hiker’s Compass

    Each one of us has an inner GPS. When I’m lost and stuck in the middle of nowhere, I turn to my internal compass, to navigate my way out of trouble. And every time I turn it on, my inner GPS often leads me to somewhere spectacular. As a matter of fact, it’s our sense of direction, or hiker’s compass as Raul has said, that helped us discover unheralded places like Tabla Mountain View. And believe me, it has led us to a heap of boredom-defying, gratifying and satisfying adventures in Cebu. The problem is, most of us don’t know that we have this powerful and easy-to-use tool. Heck, some…

  • Tagjaguimit Exploration: The Beauty Of Spontaneous Adventures

    Tagjaguimit Exploration: The Beauty Of Spontaneous Adventures

    Every adventure connoisseur needs a little spontaneity in their getaways. In the age of Facebook, Instagram and Google, we rarely take a hike for a simple exploration adventure. Nowadays, everything is researched, planned and even rehearsed. Of course, we all know the thrill of hiking somewhere awe-inspiring is still there. But, wouldn’t it be better or more exciting if your escapade started the moment you arrive at the bus terminal? Wouldn’t it be more rewarding and fulfilling to go somewhere barely touched by tourists like Tagjaguimit? And, I get it – most of us don’t like the feeling of uncertainty. We are all scared of exploring the unknown and not…

  • Licos Peak: An Insanely Exciting Adventure In Danao, Cebu  

    Licos Peak: An Insanely Thrilling Adventure In Danao, Cebu  

    We, as humans, have a tendency to be quite repetitious. Every day, we wake up early in the morning to go to work or school. Then, we come home, eat dinner, watch teleseryes, and sleep. And, while this routine is rather uninspiring and boring, we stick to it all the time because it’s our comfort zone. The truth is, we prefer to live in a spot where we know we are surely safe and sound. Even in hiking, some of us prefer to hit the typical and pretty established trails, leaving a ton of mountains like Licos Peak unheard-of and untraveled. But, is sticking to our safety bubble really living?…