• 13 Amazing Things To Do In Danao, Cebu

    13 Amazing Things To Do In Danao, Cebu

    Danao – a city known for its homemade guns – isn’t the first place that comes into mind when people think of travel destinations in Cebu.  For years, the city of Danao has been overshadowed by the famed South Cebu attractions.  Naïve and close-minded, the younger version of me once thought there weren’t a lot of fun and blissful things to do in Danao, Cebu. But, guess what? I eventually found out that the city is actually blessed with a wealth of natural wonders and man-made marvels for the intrepid and open-minded explorers. As a matter of fact, it’s today officially one of my go-to local destinations when I badly…

  • Mount Lantawan: A Thrilling And Alluring Surprise In Danao, Cebu

    Mount Lantawan: A Thrilling And Alluring Surprise In Danao, Cebu

    The therapeutic breeze brushed past me, as I was standing on the summit of Mount Manghilao. Slowly, the untouched natural allure of Danao’s highlands was beautifully uncovering itself right in front of my eyes. Like a beautiful symphony, the dramatic foggy beauty of the mountain overflowed our hearts with gladness and optimism. I swear it was nothing short of awe-inspiring. And, in the midst of it all, we spotted a mysterious and wonderfully shaped mountain. Could be this the mountain they call Mount Lantawan? Was there a surprise or gorgeous panorama waiting for us at the summit of this mountain? And, make no mistake about it – this wasn’t the…

  • Licos Peak: An Insanely Exciting Adventure In Danao, Cebu  

    Licos Peak: An Insanely Thrilling Adventure In Danao, Cebu  

    We, as humans, have a tendency to be quite repetitious. Every day, we wake up early in the morning to go to work or school. Then, we come home, eat dinner, watch teleseryes, and sleep. And, while this routine is rather uninspiring and boring, we stick to it all the time because it’s our comfort zone. The truth is, we prefer to live in a spot where we know we are surely safe and sound. Even in hiking, some of us prefer to hit the typical and pretty established trails, leaving a ton of mountains like Licos Peak unheard-of and untraveled. But, is sticking to our safety bubble really living?…

  • Danasan Falls And Peak: Exploring Danao’s Majestic Natural Wonders

    Danasan Falls And Peak: Exploring Danao’s Majestic Natural Wonders

    What do you normally feel, when you gaze at a majestic natural landscape, like vast deserts, mountain ranges and waterfalls? For outdoor lovers like us, nature’s beauty inspires a sense of awe, and a powerful emotion that just makes feel healthier, happier and at peace. As a matter of fact, we, at Team Bang, almost every week, explore the outdoors, and scale mountains like Danasan Peak, to enhance our mood as well as escape our daily urban grind. And, personally, I think we’re utterly addicted to beauty of Mother Nature’s masterpieces. And our weekend getaway in Danasan Eco Adventure Park was no exception. Even with all the spine-tingling thrills we’ve…