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    Anjo World: Rediscovering Neverland In Minglanilla

    Neverland had been without sunshine for over a month. As I ushered in a new era in my life, it seems like my Neverland had become a remnant of my days of exuberance and glory. Wondrous moments of exploring a foreign city alone and scaling verdant peaks had turned into sleepless nights and infinite workload. But, on a warm, sunny Sunday, I had the chance to sprinkle a little magic to my Neverland with a visit to one of the rising Cebu attractions: Anjo World Theme Park.  The truth is, theme parks like Anjo World didn’t usually appease my cravings for adventure.  While I’m not a dashing daredevil, I always…

  • Florentino’s Eco Park Cebu: An Oasis Of Beauty

    Florentino’s Eco Park Cebu: An Oasis Of Beauty

    Life, in Cebu, is a whirlwind. From hard-working employees climbing the corporate ladder to whizzing motorcycle drivers, everyone’s in constant motion and in a mad rush on our developing island. Heck, even a little sightseeing in Cebu, with a rapid stream of sights and sounds, can feel like a chaotic, blockbuster “Avengers” movie. Luckily, despite the rapid urban modernization, there are still tons of mountainous oases and family-friendly attractions in Cebu where busy people can unwind and relax. And, one of the newest and most picturesque mountain resorts in Cebu is Florentino’s Eco Park. When Florentino’s Eco Park opened its doors a year ago, it became a hit. With thousands…

  • Nerisville Selfie Corner And The Secret To A Fun Trip

    Nerisville Selfie Corner And The Secret To A Fun Trip

    What makes a getaway so memorable? Is it the picture-perfect sights, the mind-blowing experiences or the amenities and colorful touches of the place you’re visiting? And, how do you prepare to make your trip enjoyable and fun? The truth is, we all have our own ways of preparation, when it comes to exploring attractions like Nerisville Selfie Corner. And, in general, we want it to be smooth-sailing, hassle-free and as easy as Sunday morning. We are living in the era of mobile apps wherein the whole world demands everything to be quick and convenient. We want food to be served at the snap of our fingers. And, we want to…

  • Fort San Pedro: A Beguiling Game Changer In Philippine History

    Fort San Pedro: A Beguiling Game Changer In Philippine History

    Somewhere, inside my mind, a different version of Cebu exists. Energetic, diverse and youthful, this personal adaptation of Cebu dazzles with an endless string of mesmerizing attractions. In fact, it beckons thousands of travelers annually, thanks to its majestic waterfalls and photogenic peaks. But, unlike our universe’s Cebu, my version barely has any Spanish churches and historic sites, like Fort San Pedro. Instead, it boasts a wondrous blend of eye-catching Hindu temples, colorful mosques and elaborate stupas. With a mosaic of ethnic communities, this fictional Cebu somehow reminds me of the multifaceted Singapore and Bangkok.   And, there are no famed Spanish-era Cebu tourist spots here, such as Basilica del…