• Naga City Boardwalk: An Instagrammable Gateway To A Memorable Outdoor Escape

    Naga City Boardwalk: A Photogenic Gateway To A Memorable Outdoor Escape

    Everyone was going nuts over the Naga City Boardwalk, when it was unveiled to the public. With its stunning sea views, laid-back ambiance and photogenic charm, this marine boardwalk is truly a crowd puller and an IG favorite. As a matter of fact, I’ve seen tons of photos of my hiking buddies in Naga City Boardwalk, decked out with formal clothes. And while it did spark my curiosity, I wasn’t in a rush to see the Naga City Boardwalk. For the past couple of months, it seemed like all of Cebu’s top bloggers and social media influencers have been to Naga City Boardwalk. And of course, it became an instant…

  • Exploring The Majestic Capilla Santa Ana Museum In Toledo, Cebu

    Exploring The Majestic Capilla Santa Ana Museum In Toledo, Cebu

    Cebu is, in my book, a thrilling adventure playground and fascinating sightseeing hotbed that will never go out-of-fashion. For years, I’ve been wholeheartedly and madly in love with my hometown for its immense wealth of one-of-a-kind diversions and picturesque spots like Toledo’s Capilla Santa Ana Museum and Community Center. Every year, it seems like there’s a new wave of attractions popping up to satiate my wanderlust as well as quench my thirst for adventure. Whenever boredom strikes, there’s always a place in Cebu that can give me a swell time and a worthwhile short trip.  As an added bonus, Cebu is also home to tons of sprightly and uber friendly…