• The Search For Pangpang In Barili

    The Search For Pangpang In Barili

    I felt the surge of adrenaline and joy rushing  through me. Amused by my company and charmed by the beauty of nature, I just found the opening to the seemingly endless maze of stress, sleepless nights and bills. After weeks of non-stop dancing to the frenzied rhythms of modern life, I finally had a healthy dose of optimism. And, I experienced this high while standing on a hill on our search for a pangpang (cliff in English) in Barili and Sibonga.  Like most of our exploration adventures, this hill was such a pleasant surprise in a day full of ups and downs. As a matter of fact, we didn’t even…

  • Mount Lanhan: A Silver Lining Tucked In Sibonga’s Highlands

    Mount Lanhan: A Silver Lining In Sibonga’s Highlands

    They say every cloud has a silver lining. And on an uneventful week scarred by a series of mishaps, Mount Lanhan was my silver lining. Unheralded and likely scenic, Sibonga’s towering sierra was my last hope of kicking off the year on the right foot. In spite of the unfamiliarity and rumored short trail, I was willing to take a chance on this mountain. I had to infuse the optimism that makes things more fascinating and beautiful in my eyes. And, Mount Lanhan might be the hopeful prospect or cure to a seemingly lifeless week. A few months ago, one of my hiking buddies, Beth, forwarded a Facebook post highlighting…

  • Mount Kalatkat And Sayao Cave: A Perfect Recipe For A Memorable Adventure

    Mount Kalatkat And Sayao Cave: A Perfect Recipe For A Memorable Adventure

    Modern-day life can sometimes feel like a brutal, dragging and melancholic cycle.  Urged to be extra competitive by our society, we study extremely hard in school and work our tails off, just to survive in this bustling world.  And, when we finally have the money and time to enjoy life, we’re just too old and sick to do the things we want to do. To make things even worse, our children have to repeat this cycle, and likely undergo the same fate. Yet, in the midst of life’s struggles and chaos, we are given a chance every week to savor life’s joys and Mother Nature’s masterpieces. And, in Cebu, you’ll…

  • cherry blossom in Cebu

    Cherry Blossom In Sibonga: A Taste Of Japan In Cebu

    Ever dreamt of traveling to the “Land of the Rising Sun” to catch sight of its famed and striking cherry blossom? Well, guess what? You don’t have to travel as far as Tokyo or Kyoto, and spend a fortune, just to lay eyes on Japan’s eye-catching national flower. As a matter of fact, all you need to do is see a real cherry blossom in Cebu is to take a 2-hour bus ride from the city’s South Terminal Bus and make a stop to the town plaza of Sibonga. Just recently, me, my girlfriend, and the rest of my family went to Sibonga’s cherry blossom, after a visit to Simala…