• 20 Mesmerizing Bohol Tourist Spots

    20 Mesmerizing Bohol Tourist Spots

    Bohol, with picture-perfect landscapes and stunning coastlines, is truly a haven of enticing natural beauty. From its rolling hills to a thriving underwater world, there are plenty of insanely beautiful Bohol tourist spots for nature lovers. Drenched in history and culture, the island province also teems with impressive relics and ruins from the bygone Spanish colonial era. And, like its neighbor Cebu, Bohol has loads of hidden gems and peculiarities that make it a charming, must-visit island in the Philippines. Visiting the island soon, but don’t know where to go in Bohol, Philippines? Need some tips and recommendations for things to do in Bohol? Well, you might want to check…

  • Nerisville Selfie Corner And The Secret To A Fun Trip

    Nerisville Selfie Corner And The Secret To A Fun Trip

    What makes a getaway so memorable? Is it the picture-perfect sights, the mind-blowing experiences or the amenities and colorful touches of the place you’re visiting? And, how do you prepare to make your trip enjoyable and fun? The truth is, we all have our own ways of preparation, when it comes to exploring attractions like Nerisville Selfie Corner. And, in general, we want it to be smooth-sailing, hassle-free and as easy as Sunday morning. We are living in the era of mobile apps wherein the whole world demands everything to be quick and convenient. We want food to be served at the snap of our fingers. And, we want to…

  • Tinuy-an Falls And Enchanted River: I’m Addicted To Surigao del Sur

    Tinuy-an Falls And Enchanted River:  I’m Addicted To Surigao del Sur

    Please don’t judge me. For the first time ever, I’m going to unveil one of my deepest secrets. I admit – I’m an addict. I’m addicted to exploring and seeing places that inspire creativity. I’m addicted to experiencing something new and crazily fun. And, I’m addicted to natural spectacles that mesmerize its beholders, such as Tinuy-an Falls and Hinatuan Enchanted River. There are so many places in the Philippines that have fed my travel addiction and have left me spellbound.  From lush and picture-perfect hills to gleaming skyscrapers, I’ve left my heart in dozens of wondrous places across our beautifully diverse archipelago. And, one of the places that swept me…

  • Kayangan Lake: Coron’s Most Visually Enticing Natural Wonder

    Kayangan Lake: Coron’s Most Visually Enticing Natural Wonder

    For travel junkies like me, there’s nothing that feels more gratifying than seeing an iconic sight that you’ve been itching to lay eyes on. For over a year, Kayangan Lake, billed as the “cleanest lake in the Philippines”, has been luring me with its crystal clear turquoise waters and towering karst limestone cliffs. From award-winning travel blogs to Instagram, I’ve seen a deluge of jaw-dropping images of Coron’s undisputed treasure.  And when I finally got the chance to see it, I cherished it thoroughly, taking in its spectacular, spellbinding scenery. After seeing it in person, I can honestly say it’s by far one of the best and most photogenic attractions…