• Katampuko Peak: Hiking The Less-Explored Side Of Dalaguete, Cebu

    Katampuko Peak: Hiking The Less-Explored Side Of Dalaguete, Cebu

    With powerful gust, overcast skies and murky streams, the wet season is usually the time when our inner wanderer takes a breather. Let’s face it, the rainy days can very often curb our enthusiasm for exploration and adventure. But for a wide-eyed traveler like me, there’s nothing – even a bad weather – that can stop us from seeing the beauty of the planet. And when you pair that enthusiastic wanderer with a bunch of like-minded open-minded people, you’ve got a fine recipe for adventure. That’s what exactly happened to me last weekend, as we explored Dalaguete Cebu’s lesser known sites – Katampuko Peak and Eagle’s Cave – after a…

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    Candongao Peak: Trekking Deep Into Cebu’s Surreal Highlands

    Osmeña Peak has been, for years, the premier destination for people who want to go on a little nature trip in Cebu.  Rising at 1,013 meters above sea level, O’Peak is, after all, the so-called highest mountain on the island, wowing visitors with its cool mountain breeze and awe-inspiring panorama of the countryside.  But, there’s another majestic and pristine trail nearby that may soon give this Cebuano icon a run for its money – the less explored Candongao Peak. Our Candongao Peak adventure A few days ago, I went on a memorable trekking expedition into the wilderness of Badian to see the Candongao ( Kandungaw) Peak in person. And to…

  • Osmeña Peak

    Osmeña Peak: The Ultimate Guide To The Highest Summit In Cebu

    Windy, rejuvenating and simply breathtaking, Osmeña Peak – the highest peak in Cebu – is truly a heavenly site that should be in every Pinoy traveler’s bucket list. Billed as one of the most spectacular natural wonders in Cebu, O’Peak wows with its visitors with its dramatic views, easygoing vibe and super fresh mountain breeze. What’s more, it is wonderfully surrounded with lush, jagged and towering hills that would remind you of Bohol’s iconic Chocolate Hills. I’ve been blessed and privileged to witness the grandeur of this place not just once, but on a number of occasions. And today, I’m going to help you plan a trip to this charming…