• Tagjaguimit Exploration: The Beauty Of Spontaneous Adventures

    Tagjaguimit Exploration: The Beauty Of Spontaneous Adventures

    Every adventure connoisseur needs a little spontaneity in their getaways. In the age of Facebook, Instagram and Google, we rarely take a hike for a simple exploration adventure. Nowadays, everything is researched, planned and even rehearsed. Of course, we all know the thrill of hiking somewhere awe-inspiring is still there. But, wouldn’t it be better or more exciting if your escapade started the moment you arrive at the bus terminal? Wouldn’t it be more rewarding and fulfilling to go somewhere barely touched by tourists like Tagjaguimit? And, I get it – most of us don’t like the feeling of uncertainty. We are all scared of exploring the unknown and not…

  • Pangilatan Hike: How To Find Your Happy Pill In The Mountains

    Pangilatan Hike: How To Find Your Happy Pill In The Mountains

    Every adventure is a learning experience, for me. From easygoing long hikes like Pangilatan to mind-blowing escapes, my recent adventures have been wondrously nourishing my body, mind and soul. As awe-inspiring as the views are in my intrepid nature escapes, it’s the lesson learned or takeaway that truly turns me on.  With my introverted and observant nature, venturing into the outdoors has fueled my creativity and quenched my thirst for knowledge. And, in my recent hike to Pangilatan, I’ve discovered the steps or formula to finding your happy pill in the mountains. I got these ideas, while talking as well as observing the expressions and body language of every hiker.…

  • Lantawan Cliff: Venturing Into An Undiscovered Jaw-dropping Wonder

    Lantawan Cliff: Venturing Into Cebu’s Undiscovered Jaw-dropping Wonder

    I thought I’ve seen every jaw-dropping wonder in Cebu. Years of being a weekend warrior, exploring the island’s remote regions, made me believe that I’ve seen my homeland’s finest. But, I was wrong.  And, ironically, I felt glad, blissful and relieved, when I realized my assumptions were untrue. After soaking up the panorama on Lantawan Cliff, I found out that I’m still scratching the surface, when it comes to discovering Cebu’s hidden gems. Inspired and even more motivated, I’m now so pumped up and ready to uncover the rest that my adventure playground has to offer. Heading into our hike to Lantawan Cliff, I thought our Sunday escapade would be…

  • Mount Awayan: The Final Piece Of Our Naupa-To-Calbasaan Puzzle

    Mount Awayan: The Final Piece Of Our Naupa-To-Calbasaan Puzzle

    For the past 7 months, I’ve been itching and dreaming of hiking Mount Naupa from Mount Calbasaan. The first time I set foot in Mount Calbasaan, I was so tempted to uncover the trail leading to Naga’s peak from this unheralded peak.  Unfortunately, though, I didn’t have the information, knowledge and tools to pull off this feat back then. Even so, I remained pretty optimistic with my chances of discovering this path. As a matter of fact, yours truly and Beboi searched relentlessly via Google Maps for trails and roads that would hopefully connect these mountains in Cebu. And, one day, we received a sign of hope, when sir Francis,…