• Ngipon sa Ilaga and the Quest for Perfection

    Ngipon sa Ilaga and the Quest for Perfection

    I’m a train wreck perched precariously in Ngipon sa Ilaga. Full of flaws and limitations, every inch of me is a mess and chaotic. I’m a short-tempered, careless, immature, clumsy, stubborn, and disorganized nonconformist. And I embrace every flaw and mistake I have made.  That’s why society hates me.  The modern world thinks I’m an outcast and a nutcase.  Yet, as I stand at the top of Ngipon sa Ilaga, I feel fabulous and free.  I don’t feel the pressure of being imperfect.  I don’t feel inadequate, exhausted, and frustrated with my messed-up life.  And I’m enjoying every second of this imperfect, unplanned, and spontaneous nature trip.  As I soak…

  • The Enchanting Diwata Of Mount Lantoy

    The Enchanting Diwata of Mount Lantoy

    I came to Mount Lantoy to die.  Flooded with confusion, misery, and sadness, I was a man deprived of hope, lost in a labyrinth with no exit and prize.  For the last couple of years, I’ve been going through a storm, bombarded by endless downpours of adversities.      Deaths.  The covid aftermath.  The recession.  Odette.  Meaningless wars.  Betrayals.  Climate change.  Landslides.  Floods.  It has been an absolute shit show. And the worst part is, I don’t see any silver lining.  There’s no light in this dark tunnel. It’s a darkness that stretches to infinity.  But, I have an escape plan and a solution that ends all miseries and pain.   Death.  The…

  • A Hike With The Devil

    A Hike With The Devil

    Important note: A hike with the Devil is a rather uncomfortable read. If you have conservative opinions on religion and the world, please don’t read this piece.  An encounter with Lilith: the Devil There was something comforting and mesmerizing about her gorgeous face. For the past several weeks, I’d been an emotional wreck drowning in the sea of doubts and confusion. But, every time I gaze at her blue eyes, I feel at home and relaxed.  I was fascinated with her words.  Her words are a thing of beauty, each like a potion or a magical ingredient that can be blended to create a powerful spell.  She was a hiker…

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    Crimson Resort Mactan: Mastering Dolce Far Niente

    Important note: My Crimson Resort Mactan experience took place before Odette ravaged Cebu. After weeks of renovation and restoration, Crimson Resort and Spa Mactan reopened its doors to serve guests seeking a slice of paradise and a ray of light in our gloomy world. So, the current version of Crimson Resort Mactan may look different from the one I saw earlier in 2021.  We live in a busy society full of go-getters, planners, and achievers.  Today, our culture constantly pushes us to show up and work restlessly to become the best versions of ourselves.  We praise people who work over 60 hours a week, and we feel guilty whenever we’re…