• A Not-So-Ordinary Bohol Itinerary

    A Not-So-Ordinary Bohol Itinerary

    What’s usually the first thing that pops into mind when you think of a Bohol itinerary? Let me guess. Bohol Chocolate Hills, Loboc River and Sagbayan Peak? How about a Bohol Countryside tour? As enticing and fun as these places are, they weren’t included in our list of places to visit in Bohol. Don’t get me wrong. These Bohol tourist spots are captivating and a feast for the eyes.  But I’ve seen these wonders a thousand times in my life.  And more importantly, I wanted to add a dash of uncertainty to our not-so-well-planned weekend Bohol trip.  So, why take risks?  Why go renegade when there’s a safe, tested, and…

  • The Midnight Library Review: Lessons From Matt Haig's Novel

    The Midnight Library Review: Lessons From Matt Haig’s Novel

    Life is full of what-ifs. What if you could live those lives that you wanted? What if I was a rockstar, a vineyard owner, or a glaciologist? Would I be happier now? What if I pursued a different path or a career? Would my life be better? What if I could travel to multiple realities and live my dreams? That’s what Nora Seed – the protagonist of The Midnight Library – experienced in this magical and inspiring novel.  The Midnight Library isn’t just an enchanting tale.  Despite the novel’s fantastical plot and sci-fi elements, The Midnight Library is relatable.  It’s an eye-opening novel that shines a light on some of…

  • Mount Malindang: Embracing Unfiltered And Unexpected Moments

    Mount Malindang: Embracing Unfiltered And Unexpected Moments

    Life has a strange and funny way of teaching us lessons. Society constantly tells us that we need to set expectations and goals and have dreams. But what if we let go of all those societal expectations? What if we embraced the world and life as they are and not as we hope to be? Doesn’t it sound liberating? As I hiked my way up the terrain of Mount Malindang Natural Park, I rediscovered a lesson that I had lost amid life’s chaos.  When you live without expectations, you’re at peace, constantly happy, and stress-free.  And you are free to enjoy things as they are.  Each cool mountain breeze, rustling leaf, mishap, and burst…

  • Mount Tabayoc: An Adventure Above The Clouds

    Mount Tabayoc: An Adventure Above The Clouds

    Imagine you’ve just gotten off a dizzying, high-speed 9-hour overnight road trip after a flight. You’re tired, dizzy, and sluggish, and suddenly, you’re climbing the sixth-highest mountain in the Philippines – Mount Tabayoc.  Sounds like a recipe for disaster, right?  Well, not exactly.  With its steep, challenging “monkey trail”, I knew the hike to the top of Mount Tabayoc wouldn’t be a walk in the park.  And I could have skipped this part of our Luzon trip and relaxed on Lake Tabeo – the base of our Mount Tabayoc hike.  But guess what? There was no way I was passing up this opportunity.  I deserve a fun, memorable and challenging…