• Mount Pulag: Chasing The Magical Sunrise

    Mount Pulag: Chasing The Awe-Inspiring Sunrise

    Sunrises are a symbol of rebirth, mystery, and new beginnings. An unstoppable force of nature, sunrise is also comforting, giving us a feeling that our problems are small and temporary. And in Mount Pulag National Park, a magical sunrise gave me hope in a world that badly needs a dose of optimism.  Even at our darkest hour, I always believe the sun will rise again.  To me, the return of light after hours of darkness represents hope.  And the awe-inspiring sunrise in Mount Pulag brought a dash of hope to a new day filled with mystery and surprises.  Furthermore, it symbolizes a new beginning for me and an opportunity to…

  • Enchanted Mountain Resort: A Whimsical Kiddie-like Adventure

    Enchanted Mountain Resort: A Whimsical Kiddie Adventure

    Being a grown-up sometimes feels like a hopeless prison. With overwhelming responsibilities and unrealistic societal expectations, adulting can be a paralyzing and emotionally agonizing journey. And that’s why daydreaming about childhood is a universal experience for full-blown adults. On some days, we long for our childhood’s carefree days when our ideas were legendary, and our imaginations were as vast as the Pacific Ocean. We yearn for a youthful life full of discovery, learning, and adventure, exploring places like Enchanted Mountain Resort.  Don’t get me wrong. I love being an adult.  It has several benefits, including the freedom to pursue passions and make choices.  Furthermore, it gives me plenty of opportunities…

  • Inambakan Falls to Mount Hambubuyog: The Zombie Outbreak Escape

    Inambakan Falls to Mt Hambubuyog: The Zombie Outbreak Escape

    What would you do if you knew you’d die days from now? You’d stuff your face with all the sinfully delicious food that your heart desires, right? And you’d go on adventures and treks, like the hike from Inambakan Falls to Mount Hambubuyog. But what if I told you that we’re slabs of dead meat begging to be buried or burned into ashes? What if you realize that you’re a zombie with a broken spirit performing mindless tasks that you don’t like? And what if I told you that you’re a zombie manipulated by social media algorithms? The truth is, some people die at 25 and aren’t buried until they…

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    Mount Apo Diaries: The Sublime Journey To The Top

    Every story has a hero. And, in my blog, I’m usually the fearless protagonist who conquers feats, experiences spellbinding outdoor pursuits, and learns timeless life lessons. But, on our journey to Mount Apo, I was a mere hapless fool saved from the clutches of death.  Everyone was in a festive mood after our 3-day Mount Apo hike via the Bansalan and Magpet trail.  And who wouldn’t be?  It was a memorable adventure with a plethora of challenges, from muddy pathways to blood-sucking parasitic worms. What’s more, our Mount Apo hike overflowed with exquisite and jaw-dropping sights, including mossy rainforests, boulders, jagged peaks, and verdant hills.   Smiles were plastered on their…