• Mount Kalatkat And Sayao Cave: A Perfect Recipe For A Memorable Adventure

    Mount Kalatkat And Sayao Cave: A Perfect Recipe For A Memorable Adventure

    Modern-day life can sometimes feel like a brutal, dragging and melancholic cycle.  Urged to be extra competitive by our society, we study extremely hard in school and work our tails off, just to survive in this bustling world.  And, when we finally have the money and time to enjoy life, we’re just too old and sick to do the things we want to do. To make things even worse, our children have to repeat this cycle, and likely undergo the same fate. Yet, in the midst of life’s struggles and chaos, we are given a chance every week to savor life’s joys and Mother Nature’s masterpieces. And, in Cebu, you’ll…

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    Mount Makatol: An Epic Hike Jam-Packed With Thrills And Sights

    They say “great things never came from comfort zones”. And, for the last couple of years, I’ve lived my life with this creed, venturing into remote villages, hidden taverns and offbeat trails like Mount Makatol. Armed with an undying love for adventure, I, together with a gang of outdoor aficionados, explore the world’s 6th best island – Cebu – to uncover local secrets and embrace the joys of adventure living. In spite of the bruises, scars and blisters, it has been quite a ride. And, while I’m not famous for my daredevil feats and risky thrills, exciting outdoor adventures have been by far my favorite pastime, in recent months. And,…

  • Naga City Boardwalk: An Instagrammable Gateway To A Memorable Outdoor Escape

    Naga City Boardwalk: A Photogenic Gateway To A Memorable Outdoor Escape

    Everyone was going nuts over the Naga City Boardwalk, when it was unveiled to the public. With its stunning sea views, laid-back ambiance and photogenic charm, this marine boardwalk is truly a crowd puller and an IG favorite. As a matter of fact, I’ve seen tons of photos of my hiking buddies in Naga City Boardwalk, decked out with formal clothes. And while it did spark my curiosity, I wasn’t in a rush to see the Naga City Boardwalk. For the past couple of months, it seemed like all of Cebu’s top bloggers and social media influencers have been to Naga City Boardwalk. And of course, it became an instant…