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    Cherry Blossom In Sibonga: A Taste Of Japan In Cebu

    Ever dreamt of traveling to the “Land of the Rising Sun” to catch sight of its famed and striking cherry blossom? Well, guess what? You don’t have to travel as far as Tokyo or Kyoto, and spend a fortune, just to lay eyes on Japan’s eye-catching national flower. As a matter of fact, all you need to do is see a real cherry blossom in Cebu is to take a 2-hour bus ride from the city’s South Terminal Bus and make a stop to the town plaza of Sibonga. Just recently, me, my girlfriend, and the rest of my family went to Sibonga’s cherry blossom, after a visit to Simala…

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    Sirao Flower Garden: The Vividly Beautiful Mini Amsterdam Of Cebu

    Sirao Flower Garden, fondly nicknamed as Mini Amsterdam in Cebu, was a buzzing and trending topic that headlined our social media channels in 2015. Often billed as one of the most eye-catching spots in Cebu, this hidden garden was flooding our Facebook feeds, and luring people from all over the island with its fiery celosia flowers and stunning landscapes. With its immense popularity and extraordinary beauty, the place instantly became a hot-spot for selfies, nature photography and pre-nuptial pictorials. As with most curious Filipinos and millennials in the city, I was so intrigue by this vivid garden that I decided to go to Sirao Flower Garden, even though it was…

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    19 Fun And Awesome Things To Do In Siquijor

    Siquijor is, as far as I’m concerned, one of the most undervalued gems in the Philippines. Despite its tropical splendor and smashing natural beauty, Siquijor remains an overlooked travel destination that doesn’t get a lot of attention and plaudits. Let’s face it, people are just scared to go to Siquijor because it has been unjustly labeled as a land of sorcery, mystery and witchcraft. One of the most enigmatic and intriguing islands in the archipelago,  Siquijor is rumored to be home to  evil witches as well as diabolic supernatural beings, like the engkantos (environmental spirits), agtas (giants) and aswangs (the not-so attractive version of vampires). But the truth is, this…

  • Apo Island: A Day Trip Guide To One Of Negros Oriental’s Treasures

    Apo Island: A Day Trip Guide To One Of Negros Oriental’s Treasures

    Apo Island is an enchanting destination that has been on my radar for the last 12 months. Praised for its coral diversity and charming sea turtles, the island is, after all, a premier snorkeling and diving site as well as a one-of-a-kind tourist destination in the Philippines. As you take a plunge into its clean waters, you will get to see a beautiful patchwork of corals brimming with charming sea creatures, such as the clown fish, unicorn fish, red toothed triggerfish, and of course, the pawikans. I finally had the chance to visit this lovely island, and without any hesitation, I went there, even though I didn’t plan my trip…