• How Nature Prepared Me For Coronavirus
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    How Nature Prepared Me For Coronavirus

    I’m an eternal optimist. With a stoic mindset and an unwavering sunny disposition, I always find a ray of light in every dark tunnel. And, even as coronavirus continues to inflict its own brand of terror, I remain calm, lighthearted, forward-looking and at peace. In the age of uncertainty and anxiety, my optimistic outlook is, no doubt, my best and only hope for survival in the dystopian reality created by the global pandemic. And, I had developed this skill thanks to the world’s greatest teacher: Mother Nature When news of the pandemic broke out, I knew I had an edge over this bizarre and contagious virus. Mother Nature, after all,…

  • Hiking: Mother Nature’s Antidote To Depression

    Hiking: Mother Nature’s Antidote To Depression

    We were born on earth totally clueless, expecting our world to be a gorgeous paradise where everything sparkles and people are really nice to one another. Optimistic and sprightly, we try to build a life that would mirror our dreams and aspirations. But, then, reality strikes, and we become slaves to stress and our work. Slowly, depression hits, and we find ourselves hopeless and in dire need of help. And, make no mistake about it – depression is a silent, cold-blooded killer. The way I see it, depression is a serious illness that should not be taken lightly.  For the past couple of years, there have been quite a lot…

  • Why Travel Is Absolutely The Best Cure For A Broken Heart

    Why Travel Is Absolutely The Best Cure For A Broken Heart

    Nursing a broken heart? Everybody has their own way of coping with a nasty breakup. Some will eat their way through the dessert stations and frozen food sections at 711, while others try to drown their sorrows with dozens of Red Horse beers and Emperador Lights. I know quite a few folks who also try to mend a broken heart by isolating themselves in their rooms, and listening to songs from Adele and Taylor Swift. But, for me, there’s no better way to heal an aching heart than to travel to a new and unknown faraway land. What do I know about love to give such piece of advice? Well,…

  • 10 Reasons Traveling Alone Is Sometimes Better Than Dating

    10 Reasons Traveling Alone Is Sometimes Better Than Dating

    Most of us, when we’re kids, fantasized and dreamed of many beautiful travel scenarios, like exploring the symmetrical Chocolate Hills in Bohol and falling in love in Paris. But, as we grow older, our yearning for travel starts to downslide, with most of us getting too occupied with our responsibilities and work. And sometimes, traveling takes a backseat because we got stuck in bad relationships. Eventually, all those visions and dreams of traveling the globe turn into a pipe dream and lost memories. Then, you take a glance at your bucket list or childhood scrapbook, and you realize that could have made it to your dream destination, if only you…