• Antuwanga And The 6 Stages of Happiness In Hiking

    Antuwanga And The 6 Stages of Happiness In Hiking

    Happiness comes in many forms, and hiking is definitely one of them. Whenever people complain of depression, negativity and fatigue, I always encourage them to take a hike to places like Antuwanga, to commune with nature. While dealing with blisters and braving the elements don’t seem pretty appealing for some, hiking has wondrously transformed my life, making me a happier person. Whether it’s the triumph of reaching the summit, the sounds of nature or the rhythmic pattern of the feet, there’s something about hiking that makes people like me upbeat and contented. Truthfully, hiking has been my therapy to a fast-paced and stressful life. And, unlike other types of hobbies,…

  • AO Farm: A Fascinating 20-Peso Getaway To Toong, Cebu

    AO Farm: A Fascinating 50-Peso Getaway To Toong, Cebu

    In modern times, society tells us that we need to be rich as a Kardashian or a Trump to fully satisfy our desire for happiness. Whether you’re stalking bikini-clad celebrities on Instagram or buying fruits at a local grocery, we are urged and encouraged by our consumerism-filled world to buy our way to happiness. Everywhere we go, we see an array of ads and banners of products saying “buy me”. But the truth is, you don’t need to spend a fortune to find joy in your bustling life. From urban hikes and picturesque strolls to blossoming floral havens like AO Farm, there are plenty of ways to be happy, without…

  • Offbeat Buhisan: Exploring The Untapped Beauty Of Cebu’s Remote Uplands

    Offbeat Buhisan: Exploring The Untapped Beauty Of Cebu’s Remote Uplands

    Offbeat and one-of-kind, Buhisan isn’t normally a place that comes into mind, when people think of travel destinations in Cebu. For years, this barangay has been lurking in the shadows of Cebu’s classic tourist destinations, such as Busay, Dalaguete, Oslob and Bantayan. In the eyes of a mainstream traveler, there’s isn’t a lot to do in Buhisan. As a matter of fact, some would even say that Buhisan is only known for its century-old historic dam – the Buhisan Dam. But to me, there’s so much more to Buhisan than meets the eye. For the intrepid and enthusiastic wanderer, Buhisan can be an adventure playground full of thrills and Instagram-worthy…