• Philosophy

    How The Mountains Are Secretly Teaching Us Stoicism

    An overactive imagination can be both a blessing and a curse.  On the bright side, my imagination can spin a thousand of beautiful scenarios and visualize infinite possibilities in mere seconds. Even when I’m isolated in a cold and dark room, there’s never a dull or boring moment with my playful imagination.  While it often fills my mind with colors and positive energy, it can also pave the road to over thinking and anxiety. And, I had been dealing with anxiety, my entire life, creating conspiracies and imagining bloody scenarios. But, anxiety vanished slowly when I began traveling and hiking. Then, I learned the ultimate vaccine to anxiety: Stoicism. The…

  • The Hill Without A Name In Naga Cebu

    The Hill Without A Name In Naga Cebu

    Fate is a shifting, unsolvable puzzle of mystery. Like a small swirling sandstorm, fate persistently shifts directions. One day, you feel like you’re on top of the world or the king of Naga Cebu, destined for greatness. The next day, momentum shifts, and your life seems to be going on a downward spiral.   What if the philosophers had it all wrong? Didn’t they say our destiny is written in the stars? Didn’t a wise man once say “once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen”? Aren’t we supposed to find our purpose or “biggest why” and nurture it? And, is there really such thing as…

  • Pangilatan Peak: An Untouched Summit With 360-Degree Panoramas

    Pangilatan Peak: An Untouched Summit With 360-Degree Panoramas

    With today’s groundbreaking technology, it’s fairly easy to spot a place that you want to visit and see. In just a few of taps on your smartphone, you’ll get every important piece of information you need for that place. From addresses and contact numbers to the modes of transportation, you can practically see whatever it is you need online nowadays. Like most millennials would say, Google has answers to everything, even when you’re looking for hidden pristine peaks and local secrets like Pangiltan Peak. And yes, I did a bit of research on Google about Pangilatan Peak, last month.  After a Facebook user posted a photo of Pangilatan Peak online,…

  • Mount Magdook: The Art of Hiking Without A Plan In Naga, Cebu

    Mount Magdook: The Art of Hiking Without A Plan In Naga, Cebu

    On my first series of adventures with Team Bang, I planned everything carefully. Whether I was hiking with a 4-man team or going on an island-hopping trip with over a dozen of adventurers, I was on top of everything, making sure our trip goes smoothly. But, over the past 6 months, I’ve drastically changed the way I plan my escapades. Nowadays, I’m more of a spontaneous last-minute planner, who rarely travels with a definite itinerary, especially when exploring a hidden gem like Mount Magdook. When things go wrong or plans change, I simply roll with it, and make the most out of the situation. A few days ago, I once…