• Bungtod Talinis, Cebu: San Fernando’s Tantalizing Unseen Ranges

    Bungtod Talinis, Cebu: San Fernando’s Tantalizing Unseen Ranges

    I could feel it. There was something in San Fernando’s highlands that kept calling and luring me. I didn’t know what it was or where it was, but I did sense something special there. And, with my impulse to hike and explore, I knew there was only one way find it – to get wonderfully lost in San Fernando. Fascinated, intrigued and optimistic, I opened Google Maps, to see if there was any potential hidden gem in this town. And guess what? I saw a 3D overlooking view of a mountain range that we later on found out is called “Bungtod Talinis”. And, it was beautiful! Even though it was…

  • The Ripple Effect Of A Mysterious Stranger Named Allan

    The Ripple Effect Of A Mysterious Stranger Named Allan

    In life, nothing happens by coincidence or accident. Every person you meet serves a purpose in the grand scheme of things. From your true friends to your pessimistic, whining social media bashers, everyone has a purpose and role in your journey. Some will bring you unequivocal joy, while others are there to teach you lessons the hard and painful way. And, there are also random, seemingly insignificant, and barely-noticed people like Allan who make a profound impact in our life. Initially, you won’t notice these random passers-by, but eventually, you’ll notice that they all serve a big purpose in your life.  As they say, life is a wondrous mystery of…

  • Antuwanga And The 6 Stages of Happiness In Hiking

    Antuwanga And The 6 Stages of Happiness In Hiking

    Happiness comes in many forms, and hiking is definitely one of them. Whenever people complain of depression, negativity and fatigue, I always encourage them to take a hike to places like Antuwanga, to commune with nature. While dealing with blisters and braving the elements don’t seem pretty appealing for some, hiking has wondrously transformed my life, making me a happier person. Whether it’s the triumph of reaching the summit, the sounds of nature or the rhythmic pattern of the feet, there’s something about hiking that makes people like me upbeat and contented. Truthfully, hiking has been my therapy to a fast-paced and stressful life. And, unlike other types of hobbies,…

  • Licos Peak: An Insanely Exciting Adventure In Danao, Cebu  

    Licos Peak: An Insanely Thrilling Adventure In Danao, Cebu  

    We, as humans, have a tendency to be quite repetitious. Every day, we wake up early in the morning to go to work or school. Then, we come home, eat dinner, watch teleseryes, and sleep. And, while this routine is rather uninspiring and boring, we stick to it all the time because it’s our comfort zone. The truth is, we prefer to live in a spot where we know we are surely safe and sound. Even in hiking, some of us prefer to hit the typical and pretty established trails, leaving a ton of mountains like Licos Peak unheard-of and untraveled. But, is sticking to our safety bubble really living?…