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    Mount Apo Diaries: The Sublime Journey To The Top

    Every story has a hero. And, in my blog, I’m usually the fearless protagonist who conquers feats, experiences spellbinding outdoor pursuits, and learns timeless life lessons. But, on our journey to Mount Apo, I was a mere hapless fool saved from the clutches of death.  Everyone was in a festive mood after our 3-day Mount Apo hike via the Bansalan and Magpet trail.  And who wouldn’t be?  It was a memorable adventure with a plethora of challenges, from muddy pathways to blood-sucking parasitic worms. What’s more, our Mount Apo hike overflowed with exquisite and jaw-dropping sights, including mossy rainforests, boulders, jagged peaks, and verdant hills.   Smiles were plastered on their…

  • Mount Talinis via Apolong Apolong

    Mount Talinis: The Fearless Apolong-Apolong Adventure

    Why does trouble always follow me around? Am I secretly attracting bad luck, or is the world just going on a downward spiral? Will there be an end to this seemingly endless spell of troubles? In the last couple of years, misfortunes have been persistently haunting me. And, today, on our first day in Mount Talinis, I feel like trouble is once again on a mission to wreck our major climb in Negros Oriental.   But, guess what? I really don’t give a shit.  I’m a fearless free spirit, immune to all the stress and adversities life throws at me.  And, even with all the challenges that Mount Talinis is giving…

  • Alto Peak: Conquering The Treacherous Highest Summit Of Eastern Visayas   

    Alto Peak: Conquering The Treacherous Highest Summit Of Eastern Visayas   

    “We did it” – those were the first words I uttered to myself, after our triumphant climb to Mount Aminduen. Overjoyed, relieved and extremely proud, we were all on a state of unadulterated bliss, as we were savoring the best moments of our major hike in Alto Peak. For the first time, most of us scaled a high profile summit that’s been classified as a major climb. In spite of the howling winds, thick fogs and intermittent rain drops in Alto Peak, there wasn’t anything going to stop us from relishing this memorable climb to the top. But, our smiling faces, festive spirit and the momentarily spectacular bird’s eye views…