• Lake Bensis: Beauty That Launched A Thousand Ships

    Lake Bensis: Beauty That Launched A Thousand Ships

    When I was little, I would think of a million ways to find my own version of Helen of Troy. At the school library, I’d spend hours reading Greek mythology, hoping to find clues on the whereabouts of my own Helen. Of course, I had no plans of marrying an adulterer or an enchantress like her. The truth is, I was just so curious and eager to see a face that could launch a thousand ships. And, never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I’d discover her in a remote area of Toledo, Cebu. As the fresh breeze was gently blowing in my face, I gazed at the…

  • AO Farm: A Fascinating 20-Peso Getaway To Toong, Cebu

    AO Farm: A Fascinating 50-Peso Getaway To Toong, Cebu

    In modern times, society tells us that we need to be rich as a Kardashian or a Trump to fully satisfy our desire for happiness. Whether you’re stalking bikini-clad celebrities on Instagram or buying fruits at a local grocery, we are urged and encouraged by our consumerism-filled world to buy our way to happiness. Everywhere we go, we see an array of ads and banners of products saying “buy me”. But the truth is, you don’t need to spend a fortune to find joy in your bustling life. From urban hikes and picturesque strolls to blossoming floral havens like AO Farm, there are plenty of ways to be happy, without…

  • Mount Manghilao: A Fascinating Pilgrimage Site With An Enigmatic Cave

    Mount Manghilao: A Fascinating Pilgrimage Site With An Enigmatic Cave

    Hiking is, to me, a bit like an endless university. Every time I hit the trail, I get to learn a ton of invaluable lessons in life, forestry and geography from guides, fellow hikers and people I met along the way.  And, for someone who has an innate desire to learn, hiking has been such a wondrous blessing, appeasing my inner curiosity and quenching my thirst for knowledge. Even when I hike in off-beat places like Mount Manghilao, I learn tons of things that simply can’t be taught by a typical four-walled classroom. And last Saturday, hiking did once again please my cravings for learning and adventure. Although the history…

  • 10 Reasons To Take A Hike At Least Once A Month

    10 Reasons To Take A Hike At Least Once A Month

    Hiking can be a pretty physically demanding and challenging adventure full of bumps and not-so pleasant experiences, even for outdoor luminaries. After all, we, as hikers, have to battle bug bites, blisters, bruises and terrible weather conditions for the sake of overcoming an uphill challenge, and to spend some quality time with nature. But at the end of every hike, we are all rewarded with dramatic overlooking views and a sense of personal achievement. I’m no expert, when it comes hiking and mountaineering, and to be honest, I have so much to learn from the real top dogs of this field. But, in my short stint as an outdoor aficionado,…