• The Breathtaking Bike Zipline At The Chocolate Hills Adventure Park

    The Breathtaking Bike Zipline At The Chocolate Hills Adventure Park

    Last year wasn’t an exciting time in my life, as an adventurer and traveler. With a flourishing freelancing gig and a risky business venture, I had very few resources and opportunities for fun and exploration in 2015. But when we finally had a chance to travel, me and girlfriend, Rabbie, rushed to Bohol to experience all the charms, delights and eccentricities that this tropical paradise holds. There were plenty of memorable experiences during our Bohol escapade, but it was the thrilling Bike Zipline at the Chocolate Hills Adventure Park that truly awakened my wanderlust. The Chocolate Hills Adventure Park was the second stop of our Bohol countryside tour. Together with…

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    16 Amazing Things To Do In Bohol In Just 2 Days

    Bohol is a scenic, remarkable and spellbinding island paradise that never ceases to astonish me. Famed for its world-class beaches, one-of-a-kind landscapes and exotic wildlife, this heavenly hub of beauty has a cornucopia of delights, attractions and diversions to keep me and anyone else entertained for weeks. And though it’s not as popular as Boracay and Palawan, it is, as far as I’m concerned, a mesmerizing destination every Pinoy should visit at least once in their lifetime. From its chocolate-like mounds to its majestic heritage sites, Bohol has so many fascinating wonders and treasures that it would be impossible see all its lovely sights in a week. And I really…