• The Search For Pangpang In Barili

    The Search For Pangpang In Barili

    I felt the surge of adrenaline and joy rushing  through me. Amused by my company and charmed by the beauty of nature, I just found the opening to the seemingly endless maze of stress, sleepless nights and bills. After weeks of non-stop dancing to the frenzied rhythms of modern life, I finally had a healthy dose of optimism. And, I experienced this high while standing on a hill on our search for a pangpang (cliff in English) in Barili and Sibonga.  Like most of our exploration adventures, this hill was such a pleasant surprise in a day full of ups and downs. As a matter of fact, we didn’t even…

  • The Beautiful Secret Spot In Barili, Cebu

    The Beautiful Secret Spot In Barili, Cebu

    Dian had always yearned to set foot on this spot. Every time she passed by the national highway in Barili, she gazed at it, wondering if a surprise was waiting on the other side. Beboy and I had been enthralled by the possibilities of hiking this mountain, as we were making our way to Paradise Valley. Raul, with his go-with-the-flow attitude, knew the universe was brewing something smashing for us that day. And, in a fascinating twist of fate, we found ourselves perched on this spot, astonished by a dramatic sunset and a picture-perfect view of Barili, Cebu’s coastline. On a day full of mesmerizing surprises, I must say it…

  • Mantayupan Falls: Indulging On Barili’s Irresistible Natural Wonder

    Mantayupan Falls: Indulging On Barili’s Irresistible Natural Wonder

    Human combustion isn’t real. At least, that’s what my science professors in college and high school said. Yet, somehow, I felt like I was on the verge of bursting into flames as the dry season was about to officially kickoff. With Metro Cebu heating up environmentally and politically, I had a craving for a refreshing escapade to get away from the hot spell. And, as I was going through a multitude of options, a beautiful idea flashed into my mind. Why not take a plunge at the island’s tallest waterfall: Mantayupan Falls? So, I, together with my favorite hike buddies, ventured into Barili, and released our happy hormones at Mantayupan…