• The Dying Summers: Not A BCBA Love Story

    The Dying Summers: Not A BCBA Love Story

    Why do summers have to end? I mean. Life would be quite an exhilarating rollercoaster ride if summer was endless.  With carefree sunny days, idleness, and a festive feel, summer offers endless possibilities for fun and adventure.  And the entire world feels so alive, blissful, and colorful in summer.  Summers symbolize happiness, freedom, beauty, self-development, and idleness. In film, poetry, and books, positive times of love, adventure, and friendship are usually set in summer.  And summers also represent something we don’t want to end: youth and the prime of life.  June 2022: The last days of my summers  Blogging is like my childhood’s pleasant, breezy, lazy, and easy-going summers.  Every…

  • A Lost Star In The Odette Aftermath

    A Lost Star In The Odette Aftermath

    Every time a star dies, it spews its contents into the vast and expanding universe, paving the way for the future generation. In the aftermath of Odette, the galaxy lost a star, creating an explosion that will forever change my life.  The night Odette ravaged Cebu At 9 o’clock on an ordinary night, the city of Cebu would be in its final act of the day.  The bustling streets, “Instagrammable” restaurants and places of entertainment would be crowded with people who are living their own stories. And, even with the on-going pandemic, the city is coming to life again.   But, tonight, the massive storm, Odette, is a counterweight to the…

  • Ngipon sa Ilaga and the Quest for Perfection

    Ngipon sa Ilaga and the Quest for Perfection

    I’m a train wreck perched precariously in Ngipon sa Ilaga. Full of flaws and limitations, every inch of me is a mess and chaotic. I’m a short-tempered, careless, immature, clumsy, stubborn, and disorganized nonconformist. And I embrace every flaw and mistake I have made.  That’s why society hates me.  The modern world thinks I’m an outcast and a nutcase.  Yet, as I stand at the top of Ngipon sa Ilaga, I feel fabulous and free.  I don’t feel the pressure of being imperfect.  I don’t feel inadequate, exhausted, and frustrated with my messed-up life.  And I’m enjoying every second of this imperfect, unplanned, and spontaneous nature trip.  As I soak…

  • The Enchanting Diwata Of Mount Lantoy

    The Enchanting Diwata of Mount Lantoy

    I came to Mount Lantoy to die.  Flooded with confusion, misery, and sadness, I was a man deprived of hope, lost in a labyrinth with no exit and prize.  For the last couple of years, I’ve been going through a storm, bombarded by endless downpours of adversities.      Deaths.  The covid aftermath.  The recession.  Odette.  Meaningless wars.  Betrayals.  Climate change.  Landslides.  Floods.  It has been an absolute shit show. And the worst part is, I don’t see any silver lining.  There’s no light in this dark tunnel. It’s a darkness that stretches to infinity.  But, I have an escape plan and a solution that ends all miseries and pain.   Death.  The…