• Gabii Sa Kabilin Balangay: A Memorable Night Of Nostalgia And Heritage
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    Gabii Sa Kabilin Balangay: A Memorable Night Of Nostalgia

    In a fast-paced metropolis where everyone’s in a mad rush, people in general don’t really care much about the past. With our technology evolving at a fairly rapid pace, we tend to focus on what’s new and trending. Every day, we browse our social media channels, hoping to find the latest trends and juiciest news on our favorite celebrities or smartphone brands. And, while there’s nothing wrong with keeping up with latest crazes, it’s still essential for us, to look back at the yesteryears, and admire the contributions of our forefathers. As they say, “the past is the key to our present and future”. And, luckily for us, Cebuanos, our…

  • Cadapdapan Rice Terraces And Can-Umantad Falls: Bohol’s Insanely Enchanting Combo

    Cadapdapan Rice Terraces And Can-Umantad: An Insanely Enchanting Combo

    There’s something about rice terraces that make them so irresistible to me. With its symmetry, engineering mastery and eye-catching shades of green, I find these man-made marvels extremely interesting and visually appealing. Once, I’ve even considered taking a costly day trip from Cebu to Bohol, just to see Candijay’s Cadapdapan Rice Terraces. Every time I see it, I feel like I’m under a spell, entranced by its sheer beauty. And, when it’s paired with a striking natural wonder like a towering waterfall, it surely feels pure and unadulterated bliss for me. And speaking of which, the Cadapdapan Rice Terraces have been on my never-ending Bohol travel wish-list for the past…

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    Binabaje Hills, Bohol: Soaking Up Alicia’s Strikingly Surreal Beauty

    In a fast-paced world where everyone’s rushing, patience has become a rare virtue. Whether it’s queuing up at a fast-food or searching for info on places like Binabaje Hills, we want everything to be available in the blink of an eye. When we turn on the laptop and the page is loading a bit longer than usual, we call the broadband provider and whine. And, if we want to spark a little excitement in our monotonous life, we look for a quick, unhealthy short-term fix, and develop messy behaviors, like excessive drinking, shopping and even taking drugs. But, the thing is, being patient, amid the hustle bustle city grind, comes…