• Celestial Garden: More Than Just A Holy Week Destination In Cebu

    Celestial Garden: More Than Just A Holy Week Destination In Cebu

    Celestial Garden, or also referred as the Good Shepherd, is truly a picturesque, majestic and sacred hub to solemnize Good Friday and participate in the “Way of the Cross” in Cebu.  Famous for its religious white life-size statues, this 12-hectare memorial park brims with devotees who would reflect the passion and death of Jesus Christ during Lenten Season.  But, there’s more to Celestial Garden than just a Lenten Season destination or a memorial park. As far as I’m concerned, it is one of the most undervalued and scenic overlooking spots in all of Cebu. I’ve been to Celestial Garden on numerous occasions, to follow the “Way of the Cross” and…

  • Exploring Singapore At Night Alone

    Exploring Singapore At Night Alone

    Singapore is, for me, an absolute joy to watch at night. From the mesmerizing Supertree Groves in Gardens by the Bay to the iconic Merlion, Singapore dazzles and exudes a magical aura, with its gleaming nighttime spectacles. As a matter of fact, Singapore is so beautiful at night that I almost completely forgot that I was roaming around this hub alone. A few months ago, I was invited by Skyscanner, for a travel blogging and content hacking convention in Singapore. Of course, I was so thrilled and pumped up, when they invited me for this gathering. And like any savvy traveler, I didn’t let this rare opportunity slip away.  …

  • A Solo Visit To Argao’s Gorgeous Rice Terraces

    A Solo Visit To Argao’s Gorgeous Rice Terraces

    I never have, in all of my years living in Cebu, never imagined that verdant and striking rice terraces exist in my own backyard. We all know that the whole province is a wonderful and diverse mishmash of wonders, but Cebu having its own version of Banaue’s iconic and dramatic paddies really never crossed my mind. That’s why I was a little shocked when the tourism officer in Argao told us that there are rice terraces in Barangay Butong, Argao.  There are even pictures of these paddies in some areas of the municipality, proving that it does exist. And I just can’t get it out off my mind, ever since…