• The Pursuit Of Happiness Is A Joke And Overrated AF

    The Pursuit Of Happiness Is Overrated AF

    In my younger days, I always thought that pursuing happiness is the key to a fulfilling life.  Starry-eyed and vaguely cheerful, I thought the world would be a better place if everyone chases their happy pill. When people seek my advice, I would always share a barrage of positive, optimistic and uplifting ideas.  Having a burnout? Need an escape from your endless parade of bills and workload? I’d often say travel, and find your happiness.  Unhappy with your boss or at work? Go find greener pastures elsewhere, just like what I did in my 20s.   But, today, as I’m standing on the summit of San Carlos Heights in Quiot, Cebu,…

  • Spartan Trail: Conquering Another Tough Adventure Playground In Cebu

    Spartan Trail: Conquering Another Tough Adventure Playground In Cebu

    Spartan Trail has been, for the few past months, one of the hikes that I kept hearing from other Cebu-based adventurers. From hardcore mountaineers and trail runners to fellow bloggers, there have been dozens of outdoor buffs saying that it can present quite a challenge for novice hiking aficionados like me. And from the sound of it, the trail does seem a thrilling adventure.  After all, I’ve always envisioned Spartans as ripped, fierce, agile and battle-scarred warriors with hard-rock abs. While I was sure that it won’t give me bulging biceps or six-packed abs, I knew for a fact that this trail will give me a tough workout. And so, I…