• Mount Matutum And The Pathway To Happiness

    Mount Matutum And The Pathway To Happiness

    The first time I laid eyes on Mount Matutum, I was utterly mesmerized. With its flawless, symmetrical conical shape, it was a sight to behold, even from a distance. As I hit the slopes of Mount Apo, I hoped that one day I’d have the opportunity to climb this majestic, towering landmark in the Philippines. While my immediate focus was on Mount Apo, my thoughts drifted to the thrilling adventures that Mt Matutum might hold. But back then, scaling Mount Matutum seemed like a distant fantasy, almost a pipe dream.  Burdened and overwhelmed by life’s challenges, I never imagined going on a series of heart-racing mountain adventures in Mindanao. Then,…

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    Mount Apo Diaries: The Sublime Journey To The Top

    Every story has a hero. And, in my blog, I’m usually the fearless protagonist who conquers feats, experiences spellbinding outdoor pursuits, and learns timeless life lessons. But, on our journey to Mount Apo, I was a mere hapless fool saved from the clutches of death.  Everyone was in a festive mood after our 3-day Mount Apo hike via the Bansalan and Magpet trail.  And who wouldn’t be?  It was a memorable adventure with a plethora of challenges, from muddy pathways to blood-sucking parasitic worms. What’s more, our Mount Apo hike overflowed with exquisite and jaw-dropping sights, including mossy rainforests, boulders, jagged peaks, and verdant hills.   Smiles were plastered on their…