• Grand Palace Bangkok: Cherishing The City’s Dazzling And Busiest Stop

    Grand Palace Bangkok: Cherishing The City’s Dazzling And Busiest Stop

    The Grand Palace, with its tempting and alluring splendor, was truly the granddaddy of my list of things to do in Bangkok. Drenched in culture and history, this Bangkok attraction also gives visitors a taste of Thailand’s wondrous past. From beloved social media personalities to backpacking jedis, I’ve heard tons of praises and seen positive reviews of the Grand Palace Bangkok, prior to our trip. Intrigued, we, on a warm Sunday, ventured into the heart of Bangkok, to lay eyes on one of Thailand’s most majestic wonders. As far as I can remember, I even said that I wouldn’t miss the Grand Palace Bangkok for the world. And, when we…

  • Mount Lanhan: A Silver Lining Tucked In Sibonga’s Highlands

    Mount Lanhan: A Silver Lining In Sibonga’s Highlands

    They say every cloud has a silver lining. And on an uneventful week scarred by a series of mishaps, Mount Lanhan was my silver lining. Unheralded and likely scenic, Sibonga’s towering sierra was my last hope of kicking off the year on the right foot. In spite of the unfamiliarity and rumored short trail, I was willing to take a chance on this mountain. I had to infuse the optimism that makes things more fascinating and beautiful in my eyes. And, Mount Lanhan might be the hopeful prospect or cure to a seemingly lifeless week. A few months ago, one of my hiking buddies, Beth, forwarded a Facebook post highlighting…