• Lantawan Cliff: Venturing Into An Undiscovered Jaw-dropping Wonder

    Lantawan Cliff: Venturing Into Cebu’s Undiscovered Jaw-dropping Wonder

    I thought I’ve seen every jaw-dropping wonder in Cebu. Years of being a weekend warrior, exploring the island’s remote regions, made me believe that I’ve seen my homeland’s finest. But, I was wrong.  And, ironically, I felt glad, blissful and relieved, when I realized my assumptions were untrue. After soaking up the panorama on Lantawan Cliff, I found out that I’m still scratching the surface, when it comes to discovering Cebu’s hidden gems. Inspired and even more motivated, I’m now so pumped up and ready to uncover the rest that my adventure playground has to offer. Heading into our hike to Lantawan Cliff, I thought our Sunday escapade would be…

  • Alto Peak: Conquering The Treacherous Highest Summit Of Eastern Visayas   

    Alto Peak: Conquering The Treacherous Highest Summit Of Eastern Visayas   

    “We did it” – those were the first words I uttered to myself, after our triumphant climb to Mount Aminduen. Overjoyed, relieved and extremely proud, we were all on a state of unadulterated bliss, as we were savoring the best moments of our major hike in Alto Peak. For the first time, most of us scaled a high profile summit that’s been classified as a major climb. In spite of the howling winds, thick fogs and intermittent rain drops in Alto Peak, there wasn’t anything going to stop us from relishing this memorable climb to the top. But, our smiling faces, festive spirit and the momentarily spectacular bird’s eye views…