• The Dying Summers: Not A BCBA Love Story

    The Dying Summers: Not A BCBA Love Story

    Why do summers have to end? I mean. Life would be quite an exhilarating rollercoaster ride if summer was endless.  With carefree sunny days, idleness, and a festive feel, summer offers endless possibilities for fun and adventure.  And the entire world feels so alive, blissful, and colorful in summer.  Summers symbolize happiness, freedom, beauty, self-development, and idleness. In film, poetry, and books, positive times of love, adventure, and friendship are usually set in summer.  And summers also represent something we don’t want to end: youth and the prime of life.  June 2022: The last days of my summers  Blogging is like my childhood’s pleasant, breezy, lazy, and easy-going summers.  Every…

  • 201 Tuesdays with Mellon Collie

    201 Tuesdays with Mellon Collie

    What happens to us after we die? Are we going to see the light that leads to paradise? Or, are we going to wake up in a different world and realize that we’re living in a simulated universe? Teary-eyed and heartbroken, I asked these questions to Mellon Collie at my uncle and aunt’s funeral in July 2021.  How do I live in the wake of such sadness? Why do we have to suffer in this reality? Mellon Collie – the mistress of my life in 2021 – stared blankly at me, and made no effort to respond to my barrage of questions.  And, it wasn’t just the death of a…