• Tinuy-an Falls And Enchanted River: I’m Addicted To Surigao del Sur

    Tinuy-an Falls And Enchanted River:  I’m Addicted To Surigao del Sur

    Please don’t judge me. For the first time ever, I’m going to unveil one of my deepest secrets. I admit – I’m an addict. I’m addicted to exploring and seeing places that inspire creativity. I’m addicted to experiencing something new and crazily fun. And, I’m addicted to natural spectacles that mesmerize its beholders, such as Tinuy-an Falls and Hinatuan Enchanted River. There are so many places in the Philippines that have fed my travel addiction and have left me spellbound.  From lush and picture-perfect hills to gleaming skyscrapers, I’ve left my heart in dozens of wondrous places across our beautifully diverse archipelago. And, one of the places that swept me…

  • Toong To Calbasaan Traverse: The Perks Of Being A Curios Adventurer

    Toong To Calbasaan Traverse: The Perks Of Being A Curious Adventurer

    “Blessed are the curious, for they shall have adventures”, – Lovelle Drachman.  The life of an incredibly curious person is so far from being monotonous and boring. With our insatiable cravings to unlock the Universe’s mysteries, we – the curious ones – often see tons of new possibilities and worlds. Even in gloomy times, we always find new and exciting things that catch our attention. From discovering hiking playgrounds like Calbasaan to immersing into exotic cultures, a person’s curiosity can, after all, unlock endless possibilities and adventures. Our hike to Calbasaan from Toong is another example of how curiosity and an open mind can lead to a mind-blowing adventure. A…

  • The Ripple Effect Of A Mysterious Stranger Named Allan

    The Ripple Effect Of A Mysterious Stranger Named Allan

    In life, nothing happens by coincidence or accident. Every person you meet serves a purpose in the grand scheme of things. From your true friends to your pessimistic, whining social media bashers, everyone has a purpose and role in your journey. Some will bring you unequivocal joy, while others are there to teach you lessons the hard and painful way. And, there are also random, seemingly insignificant, and barely-noticed people like Allan who make a profound impact in our life. Initially, you won’t notice these random passers-by, but eventually, you’ll notice that they all serve a big purpose in your life.  As they say, life is a wondrous mystery of…